An Elegant Greek Wedding

The 1st wedding of 2014.

This Greek Wedding took place at the Twelve Apostles in Brookmans Park and at the Regency Banqueting Suite in North London.

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Andreas & Katerina’s Greek Wedding in Bristol

Video by: TVP
Band: Diastello
Venue: Marriott City Center, Bristol
Church: Greek Orthodox Church Of St Peters & St Pauls

A short clip of Diastello performing at Andreas & Katerina’s Wedding



Photographing three full weddings in a row really does take its toll on your mind, body and memory cards! Monday morning feels like you have a hangover, your legs and feet ache like you’ve run a small marathon and you feel weirdly dehydrated.

But there are a few things that help you get through each special event making sure that you provide every couple the same level of service from wedding to wedding no matter how mentally and physically tired you are.

Working Colleagues
Knowing that you are working along side other companies and people that you are comfortable with, that provide an excellent service and end product makes all the difference.

When you get a call from the bride and groom the following morning praising you on the level of service that you have provided for the duration of their wedding day it really does perk you up and reconfirms that you are still putting every last bit of effort into every wedding that you take part in.

The results!
After each wedding and each download, I (and I’m sure every other photographer out there also) love to take a peak into what we have achieved on the shoot of a wedding. With that I can’t help but sharing a pic on my very popular Sneak Peak album on Facebook. Take a look!


Marriott Grosvenor Square Wedding | Andreas & Joanna

Celebrated at the Marriott Grosvenor Square, London this wedding was stunning in every way!

With the sun beaming through the trees in the Grosvenor Square Park it made for the most stunning Wedding Portrait Shoot and i could not commend the Bride & Groom enough for their prescence in front of the lens.

With Perrys The Wedding Company and the staff at the Marriott Hotel behind the scenes, music provided by the greek band Midas Touch and videography by Mario from TVP the team spirit on the night was flawless.

Check out the Louboutin Shoes and the surprise wedding gown reveal!