Gavin & Maria’s Wedding

Gavin & Maria’s Wedding Reception was held at the Penridge Suite in Southgate North London with a Wedding ceremony performed by the The Most Reverend Dr. A.C.C.Evangelou at The Apostolic Christian Church in Edmonton.

Portraits were taken in one of my favourite locations in Southgate, Arnos Park Underneath The Piccadilly Line Train Bridge which adjoins Arnos Grove and Southgate Tube Stations.

Love the grunge of the bricks!


Costakis & Nicole’s Sneak Peek – A Greek Wedding at the Rosewood London

Starting with some shots from the Grooms House by my fabulous assistant Andrew Constantinou this day only got better! An essence of joy, calmness and emotions made capturing this beautiful wedding a breeze.

A stunning Bride with captivating eyes and a gorgeous smile made myself and the Cinematographer’s job (Vas from VGM Studios) effortless without the need for direction or intervention.

At the Rosewood London the Banqueting Hall was just breathtaking with delightful flowers by Ramels and as always Perrys The Wedding Company were on hand to make the day run smoothly. With entertainment from Diastello & Andalus the evening was just perfect!

Huge congratulations to an amazing couple!

Ioannis & Katja’s Wedding Highlights

A beautiful montage of images with some sneaky video clips added which bring the slideshow to life! The wedding was celebrated at The Kings’s College, London and a Greek Orthodox service at St Sophia’s Cathedral.


As there was no official video for the day, I took it upon myself (as an extra surprise for the happy couple) to capture a few HD snippets on film with the Canon 5D III and add them into the final DVD.


In their preview, the newlyweds were totally shocked and very thankful. Job well done!


Agi & Andrea’s Instagram Wedding Photos

The days events unfolding captured from my iPhone.








Burgeon Floral Design


Maisie Fantasie

Ice Sculpture



Dimitri & Haroula’s Greek Wedding

22 March 2014

The second wedding of the year and what a amazing couple!

I don’t think i’ve seen a Groom smile so much before… but do you blame him? He is marrying a stunning bride!!

I’ve known Dimitri since 2003 when we started working together at a local portrait studio. When I left the business we kept in touch over the years and still shared our passion for photography.

I photographed their engagement party in 2012 and was honoured & privileged to photograph their wedding in Central London.

Held at the Millennium Mayfair with Perry’s the Wedding Company the venue looked amazing.

Flowers by Ramels & Music by Cleopatra Greek Band14-03-22_003 14-03-22_005 14-03-22_016 14-03-22_018 14-03-22_050 14-03-22_064 14-03-22_068 14-03-22_069 14-03-22_071 14-03-22_078 14-03-22_081 14-03-22_083 14-03-22_094 14-03-22_101 14-03-22_103 14-03-22_104 14-03-22_119 14-03-22_122 14-03-22_126 14-03-22_144 14-03-22_145 14-03-22_162 14-03-22_180 14-03-22_187 14-03-22_190 14-03-22_202 14-03-22_209 14-03-22_211 14-03-22_219 14-03-22_240 14-03-22_246 14-03-22_256 14-03-22_266 14-03-22_271 14-03-22_287 14-03-22_290 14-03-22_310 14-03-22_314 14-03-22_316 14-03-22_322 14-03-22_342 14-03-22_370 14-03-22_384 14-03-22_389 14-03-22_392 14-03-22_403 14-03-22_415 14-03-22_436 14-03-22_440 14-03-22_454 14-03-22_479 14-03-22_489 14-03-22_497 14-03-22_545 14-03-22_660 14-03-22_848

Dimitri & Haroulas Greek Wedding, Millenium Mayfair London

Dimitri & Haroulas Greek Wedding, Millenium Mayfair London

Wedding Highlights from a mutual Wedding by VGM Studios

Here are the Video Highlights of a wedding VGM Studios and I worked on… plus a few pics too!

Maria & Dimitris Highlights from vgmstudios on Vimeo.

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