A new breed of edit.

A while back when the digital era really started to take its position in wedding photography I promised myself that I would not destroy the natural beauty of the reportage wedding by over editing and keeping the photography ‘real’. I always favoured a much more genuine look to a photograph by creating all the effects and dramatisations with carefully chosen lenses and camera settings.

When digital production really started to make a visual impact, photographers edits started to negate the authenticity of weddings and this is where I decided to pause and even take a step back.

A have always had a soft spot for black & white photography (and sepia styles) and a couple of years ago created a new edit which I called ‘colour sepia’. A desaturated colour tone with a hint of sepia. It was a huge hit with many of my clients – and found that I was not the only one doing it.

This has now evolved so much with easily accessible plugins and software which create even more retro styles & edits that give endless amounts of tones, contrasts and other natural looking effects to really push back the clock to a time where commercial photography was born. I think it is time for a re-birth!!

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